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4 kilometres downstream from the town of Skradin there is Prokljan Lake. Prukljan is about 6.7 km long, 2.8 km wide, the total shoreline is 28.8 km and the total area of the lake is about 11.5 km2. Proakljan Lake took on its present shape at the beginning of the Holocene, 10.000 years ago when sea level rose by 100 metres. The St Joseph Channel covers an area from the lake towards the sea. On the shores of the lake there are some small villages such as Raslina, Prokljan, Stubalj and Vrulje. Prukljan is an important habitat for numerous shellfish species, wetlands and reedbeds near the shores abound with amphibians and rocky ground with sparse low vegetation abounds with reptiles. 153 bird species have been recorded at the lake. In the St Joseph Channel there is Tradanj Cave with one of the most important bat colonies in Croatia.


In Roman times when the lake level was 2 metres lower than today, the island of Stipanac was connected to the mainland by a stone embankment. Now the embankment is below the lake surface and it is clearly visible. As for this island, there is a folk tale of the evil and cruel master Gavan who ruled the entire area and allegedly lived on the island of Stipanac. According to the tale, the master was so wicked and arrogant that he ended up on the bottom of the lake along with his palace.