Tourism Valorization of the St Anthony’s Channel in Šibenik– 2nd Phase

Tourism Valorization of the St Anthony’s Channel in Šibenik – 2nd Phase

PROJECT BENEFICIARY: Public Institution for the Management of Protected Areas and Other Protected Natural Values of the Šibenik-Knin County – NATURE


Šibenik – Knin County

Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board

Public Institution  Development Agency of Šibenik – Knin County

Project objective: The aim of the project is to preserve biological and landscape diversity, increase the attractiveness and educational capacity and enhance the tourist and economic potential of the significant landscape Channel-Port in Šibenik and the ecological network Natura 2000 Krka Estuary through arranging, furnishing and creating various amenities of the Visitor Center in order to contribute with sustainable social and economic development at a local and regional level.

Proposal Name: Promoting the sustainable development of natural heritage

Contract number: KK.

Financing Program: Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion

Fund name: European Regional Development Fund

Project value: HRK 26,554,752.95 – EU co-finances with: HRK 19,633,561.16

Project Location: Ecological Network Natura 2000 Krka Estuary, significant landscape Channel-Port, the town of Šibenik, Šibenik-Knin County, Republic of Croatia

Expected results by project elements:

ELEMENT 1 Preparation of project technical documentation and studies

  • Complete project-technical documentation is submitted as a prerequisite for the realization of infrastructure investments and Action Plan for Visitor Management of the significant landscape Channel-Port in Šibenik

ELEMENT 2 Visitor infrastructure and amenities

  • The central building of the Visitor Center is arranged and furnished with a souvenir shop and an attractive exhibition, which contains, among other things, hologram projections and 9 D, surrounded by educational and resting places, and an amphitheater circled by the drywall “Teatro Verde” and a bronze model of the relief of the Channel of St. Ante
  • Decorated cafe bar building with outdoor terrace and winter garden
  • An equipped educational-themed trail for the visually impaired and blind
  • A system for registering, tracking and controlling visitors is installed

ELEMENT 3 Accessibility and utilities

  • The project will help arrange all the junctions to the planned facilities of the complex, as well as sanitary installations for visitors

ELEMENT 4 Education and interpretation

  • Defined educational programs for different target groups of children and adults with employee education
  • 3 employees of Public Institution Nature completed a 13-day certified program on Tourism Management and Development in Protected Areas
  • Results of one-year monitoring of the Krka rivermouth used in interpretative – educational and promo materials and presented to expert groups and the interested public

ELEMENT 5 Promotion and visibility (natural heritage spots)

  • The Web site of Public institution Nature of Šibenik-Knin County is created
  • Marketing Strategy and Media Plan is developed
  • The Mini promotional campaign is designed and realized
  • Image brochure of the significant landscape Channel-Port in Šibenik is made
  • New content and programs are presented at the ITB Berlin 2020
  • Presentation of contents and programs to local agencies and FAM trip
  • Promotional materials of educational programs are distributed to schools in Dalmatia and the Republic of Croatia; at least 10 presentations in kindergartens and schools were held

ELEMENT V. PROMOTION AND VISIBILITY (of the Project and EU funding)

  • A PR campaign that includes Press-clipping and organization of press conferences to promote the project is conducted
  • Promotional materials to ensure visibility of the project and EU funding are created
  • Initial presentation is organized
  • An opening ceremony of the Visitor Center and the final presentation of project results are organized


  • Effective and efficient project management is essential for establishing a sustainable and effective public interest promotion and involvement of relevant stakeholders in the project

Short project description: This project is a continuation of the project “Tourism Valorizations of the St Anthony’s Channel” which was proclaimed by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds the third most successful local EU project in the Republic of Croatia in the period 2012-2014. Visitor Center Complex of the St Anthony’s Channel in Minerska Bay is planned as a central venue for presenting the biodiversity and natural values ​​of the target area. The development of educational programs and offerings are based on new content while enhancing the capacity of Public Institution Nature in terms of managing the protected areas of natural heritage directly contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the Proposal, which is also a specific objective of the integrated program of Public Institution Nature for the area of ​​the ecological network Natura 2000 Krka Estuary


Public Institution Nature of Šibenik -Knin County

Prilaz tvornici 39 ; HR-22000 Šibenik

+385 22 218 462

“The contents of this web site are the sole responsibility of the Public Institution Nature of the Šibenik-Knin County.”

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

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