Significant Landscape Gvozdenovo – Kamenar

How to visit the site (Tour proposal)

Tour proposal
  1. Within the significant landscape Gvozdenovo – Kamenar there is an educational mountain and ecological trail “Ante Frua”. The trail consists of seven control points, where the last one is optional
  2. and it leads from St John Fortress, Šubićevac Fortress to Vidilica, then along the pass between Jamnjak and Kamenar to Orlovača on Trtar Hill or to the Falconry Centre in Dubrava.
  3. For cyclists there are a few cycle routes and the longest “Šubićevac track” is about 5 km long. It starts near the bowling alley, then it takes Put Luguše to the top of the hill and it leads back to Vidilica through the pass between Luguša and Kamenar.
  4. You can walk or cycle from the city neighbourhood Rokići in an eastward direction to the Church of St Michael. Those who are not tired can proceed to the cross overlooking Ražine where they will be able to enjoy a stunning view of Donje polje, Ražine and Morinje Bay.
  5. The whole landscape is full of magnificent views of the city and the Šibenik bay. Therefore, you will not be disappointed no matter which mountain trail you take. Within the landscape there is an 800-metre-long trim track as well as a playground.
ZK Gvozdenovo-Kamenar karta