Significant Landscape Čikola River and Canyon

How to visit the site (Tour proposal)

  1. Set off from Drniš or from the hamlet Knezovi 3 km downstream from Drniš on the right bank of the river. Step bravely into the water and experience the adventure of canyoning. You must be accompanied by a qualified person (mountain guide). Get ready for abseiling, jumping from 5-metre-high rocks into pools, washing your face under small waterfalls and encountering lots of frogs. As for the period in which this site should be visited, we suggest the beginning of the summer, while there is still some water or early autumn. Be prepared to get soaked unless you decide to go there in the middle of the summer when the river is without water. The end of the tour is on the road/ bridge Pakovo Selo – Ključ.
  2. Provide yourself climbing equipment, an expert guide, muster up some courage and experience the most beautiful rocks in Šibenik-Knin County. Set off upstream on the side of the village Miljevci on the road Pakovo Selo – Ključ. The most suitable rocks for climbing are the ones on the right side of the river, which are easily seen from the bridge. You should bring enough water with you.
  3. If you are looking for untouched nature and want to feel a real rush of adrenaline and experience the beauty of the canyon of the karst river Čikola from completely different, a special perspective – zip – line ride through the canyon of Čikola is a unique opportunity for you. It is an attraction where visitors cross from one side of the canyon to the other with a steel rope, a secured belt, and the goal is hanging and rushing to take off through the air. The whole adventure includes training by instructors, too. The Zip-line polygon is located on the largest and most attractive part of the Čikola canyon, and has as many as three separate lines with a total length of 1.4 km that connect the opposite sides of the canyon.
Vodeni tok i kanjon Čikole karta