Significant Landscape Čikola River and Canyon

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This site comprises 13 km of the canyon, with a depth of up to 130 metres, from the end of Petrovo polje (Peter’s Field) near Drniš to the Krka National Park boundary. Water has transformed this area into an exceptional geomorphological karst phenomenon. In the summer, when the river runs dry, in the canyon you can see potholes, sandbanks, cobbles and tufa (travertine) while on the edges of the canyon you can see “wrinkles”, layers, rock creeps or gullies. The Čikola River provides a habitat for three indigenous fish species, numerous amphibians and reptiles. Thanks to its intact nature, the canyon is full of different mammals among which bats are the most numerous species.


The first traces of human presence – from the Upper Palaeolithic Age (about 18000 BC) – on the territory of present-day Šibenik- Knin County have been found in the caves in Brina, situated in the western part of the Čikola Canyon, 4 km away from Drniš.