Significant landscape Channel – Port

How to visit the site (Tour proposal)

  1. A 4.4-km-long walkway, from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the city and the channel, is perfect for walking or running along the south-east coast of the St Anthony Channel. The walkway can be reached from Škar Cove, near St Nicholas Fortress or from Panikovac  Cove in Šibenik Bay. It takes about 2 hours to walk the path in one direction, a few breaks included.
  2. Only one kilometre from Šibenik, in an attractive environment, there is a site for deep-water soloing. The best spot for this activity is under the lookout where there are some rocks that can be reached most easily from the pier in front of the Cave of St Anthony.
  3. Free solo climbing is only one of the activities you can hoose here. Near the small pier in front of the Cave of St Anthony  there are five 10-metre-high climbing routes. You can get to the climbing site by boat or by taking the walkway.
  4. An unforgettable sightseeing in the Significant landscape of the Channel-Port in Šibenik will be best experienced by sea kayaking recreation.
  5. Do not miss to visit St Nicholas’ Fortress -the most beautifulfortress of Mediterranean the proud sea guardian of Šibenik and UNESCO’s pearl within a protected natural area. It is only possible to visit St Nicholas’ Fortress if you take a boat trip organized by the public Institution Nature of the Šibenik-knin County by the boat that departures from the Šibenik waterfront. The ticket price includes boat transfer, admission to the fortress, a tour escort aboard the boat and during the visit to the fortress and the visit to St Nicholas’ fortress with the use of multimedia guides.
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